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Boat Bookings

The Boatbookings Advantage

Boatbookings was founded in 2005 to combine a worldwide network of charter experts with leading technology to deliver the best possible yacht charter experience. By several measures (number of boats available, amount of content, Alexa traffic rank, etc.) we are the largest charter-only site on the web. We have put thousands of clients on charter yachts, in virtually every major charter destination in the world. Here are some of the key reasons to charter with us:

We only do yacht charter.
We do not buy, sell, manage or equip yachts. We are fully dedicated to our client’s charter needs. This formula has made us the world’s largest yacht charter site.

We are in business to provide you with the best possible experience on a boat

Yacht charters are about the magic that happens when you’re on the water with your family, friends, colleagues or guests. We believe that boats provide this experience better than anything else, which is why we have such a passion for our work.

When you book a charter through us we will ask you about the experience you are trying to achieve, and then provide recommendations about the boat, crew, itinerary and process to assure that we meet and exceed your expectations. It’s not just about the boat!

A worldwide network of Charter Experts located near the boats. In order to deliver the best charter experience, you need someone who knows the yachts, crew, cruising areas, weather, local attractions, customs – the list is long. We have offices around the world with charter experts who know their regions first hand and travel to boat and charter shows so that they can guide you from personal experience.

Free, unbiased, independent advice to get you on the right boat. We want to put you on the right boat so that you will come back year after year, as opposed to operators who want only to put you on their boat! It’s virtually impossible to tell from pictures and specs what the boat or crew is really like, which is where we come in. In consultation with you we will recommend suitable yachts from among our multiple owner/operators to assure the boat you choose is right for you.

Someone on your side if something goes wrong. While the vast majority of charters go flawlessly, if something does happen, you need someone on your side to help solve the issue. This is especially true if you’re chartering in a foreign country where you may not know local customs or even be able to speak the local language. We work with our operators on a daily basis, and because of our size and relationships we can push hard for a satisfactory result.

The same or better price if you book through us. The price you are charged is normally the same as the Owners/Operators charge their direct clients, and propose on their websites. So you get the best of all worlds by going through us: one-stop-shopping, best price, impartial advice, quality, and someone on your side!

The best content in the business. We have literally hundreds of articles available to you on the site, all written to to facilitate the process of chartering a boat. Destination Guides, Blogs, How to’s, etc. We believe that the more you know, the higher likelihood you have of having a successful charter. See our content articles.

The widest selection of high quality yachts. At last count, we had over 12,000 yachts available, worldwide. So if you need a yacht of any type, we probably know about it and normally have been on it. Being able to choose your boat from a larger list means you have a better chance of finding the best boat for your needs. That said, there are plenty of yachts we don’t put on our site or recommend, because they don’t meet our strict quality standards. See our charter yachts.

Honest feedback of others who have chartered to help you choose. We ask every client to provide us with feedback on their charter, and we publish this on the site. You have a whole world of experts who have been on the boats or chartered in your destination to help you understand the yacht and experience you’re purchasing. We use social media to help communicate this feedback and have very popular Twitter and Facebook pages if you want to follow what our clients are saying. See our highest rated yachts.

And, most importantly, 97% customer satisfaction (and the remaining 3% are normally because of weather) . We want you to come back year after year so we do whatever we can to make your charter great. Testimonials.

The Advantages of Chartering through a Broker

We are charter brokers, which means that we work with all of the relevant central charter agents, fleet managers, and owner operators to find you the right boat. We have no vested interest in any specific yacht – our vested interest is your satisfaction.

Please note: The charter price does not change if you work directly with the manager or through us, acting as a broker. Any commissions are already calculated in the price, so nothing is added on for you, the client. This is industry standard, making it the same price to any broker, including the central agent who manages the yacht. And when you get to know us, we’re sure you’ll enjoy working with us! Yacht Charter



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