The Early Bird Special Offer is back!!


For those of you who didn’t catch the worm last year, Hanse are giving you another bite of the cherry for their 2015 model year range of award winning yachts.

As you would expect it is important for yacht builders to work from a full order book during the Autumn and Winter period. To do this the Early Bird Special Offer is designed to benefit those who order their new Hanse sooner rather than later.

The savings offered are at their maximum for orders placed in July and August, reducing significantly for orders placed in September & October and then further again toward the end of the year.

This means that quite simply the Earliest Bird deal (July & August) is the very best time to order your new 2015 model Hanse. It is also considerably better than will be available at the Autumn International Boat Shows!

Please follow this link – Early Bird Special Offer – for a breakdown of how the Early Bird offer applies to the model of your choice and call your nearest Hanse specialist for full details.
South – +44 2380 457008
North – +44 1539 447700
Scotland – +44 1475 522515


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