The Subframe! – The heart of a Hanses superb engineering.


Hanse Yachts are well known for building extremely strong, modern sailing yachts but what is it that really sets them apart from the competition?

As you might imagine it is not just one thing but what is at the heart of a Hanse is a huge composite subframe.

A Hanse hull is built by hand which when strength is a priority is the only way. The hugely thick bulkheads are fully laminated to both the hull and the deck too. It takes more time than the common “floating” bulkhead approach but again is integral to the strength of the boat so has to be done.

The subframe itself is made from an epoxy based GRP construction and is very heavily engineered. Once laminated to the hull it is responsible for taking the keel and rig loads safely, ready for whatever the sea can throw at it.

Out on the water all the effort put into the build is obvious as they feel exceptionally stiff and strong, giving you the confidence to go anywhere.


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